WordPress 4.8 adds events to the dashboard news widget

WordPress 4.8 will be released soon, and when that happens, local events will show up in the dashboard! For more background, check out this post.

This is really exciting! It’s going to be even easier for WordPress users to find out about events organized by meetup groups in the chapter program, as well as upcoming WordCamps. I’m really interested to see how this helps our community grow.

Since not all of our community organizers follow Core developments, I think we should send an email to meetup and WordCamp organizers, letting them know they might see some new people at their events and why. 🙂 Those emails will go out today, via meetup.com to meetup organizers and from support@wordcamp.org to WordCamp organizers.

I’ve also created a FAQ about the events widget, to help answer questions that might come up. ***EDIT: here’s the link to that FAQ: https://make.wordpress.org/community/wordpress-events-and-news-widget-faq/ *** I think we should link to it from the Big Blue Box at the top of this blog, but I’m very open to suggestions on that one.  I’m also working on a FAQ for meetup organizers who are curious about joining the chapter program; we’ve answered enough repeat questions on that topic by now that I think we should just convert some of those standard answers into documentation. 🙂 If anyone wants to help me work on that, I’d be really pleased to get more input!

Now, I’d like to collect reports about increased traffic from community organizers, so we can track what effect this widget is having on our program, and whether we need to make any changes to it. Where should we invite people to report back to us — on this post, or in a special, other place? Recommendations welcome. 🙂

Is there anything we haven’t considered? Please share your thoughts in a comment below!