Agenda for Community Team Chat May 4th

Our first set of meetings are as follow

Show up for whichever timezone fits you better 🙂

We have some topics that we did not manage to cover in last month’s meeting –

  • Roles & Responsibilities and naming conventions of groups within Community Team – e.g. Who’s WordCamp CentralWordCamp Central Website for all WordCamp activities globally. includes a list of upcoming and past camp with links to each.?
  • collaborate with the Polyglots on the Rosetta Outreach project.
  • have check-ins on the progress of the 2017 goals.
  • a discussion of whether we still need/want monthly reports
  • changing/modifying the language in the code of conductCode of Conduct “A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the norms, rules, and responsibilities or proper practices of an individual party.” - Wikipedia to reflect gender expression

Please take note that because we have 2 meetings for 2 different timezones, twice per month (for a total of 4 meetings per month), we will have to work towards having some sort of synchronisation between the two time-zone delimited meetings. See and please contribute your thoughts towards it.

Please post in the comments if you have some agenda items to add!

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