Call for Deputy Training Group Leaders

We’re excited to open up the second call for experienced community deputies to lead study groups for new and experienced community deputies using the self training program. Our first call for training was in February, and while we had some response, there were many deputies and would-be-deputies that didn’t have availability to complete the program and meetings at that time.

All deputies — experienced, new, and those who have been wanting to get started — need to complete the training . To make it a more collaborative experience we’ll be recommending that each deputy join a study group. Ideally each group will have two meetings 1 week apart. This first an introductory meeting and the second a meeting to discuss what you’ve learned. We anticipate that these groups will work best with no more than 5 deputies taking part in the individual discussion groups.

Round 2 of these discussion groups should begin the first Week of May and wrap up prior to June 5, 2017.

If you’re an experienced deputy we’d like to invite you to lead a conversation group with other deputies. In the comments please indicate your interest and what days/ times will work best for your groups. We’ll announce a schedule and allow others to sign up for your groups by the end of next week.

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