February Finance Report

Here’s the monthly update on the payments and income for WordPress community events. This report might get more elaborate as we get the time to build more tools around financial reporting (currently it’s almost entirely manual), so if there’s a level of detail we’re not providing that you’d like to see, please mention it in the comments!

In the month of February 2017, here’s what came in:

Ticket revenue via PayPal: $68,431.36 USD (1,513 total purchases )
Sponsorship income via wire transfer: $275,539.87 USD
Sponsorship income via check: $46,710.00 USD
Sponsorship income via PayPal: $0.00 USD
Sponsorship income via Stripe: $24,297.35

Total revenue (in USD): $414,978.58

As for invoicing in this period:

We sent 79 invoices to local sponsors.
Of those, 55 invoices have been paid and 24 invoices are still outstanding.

And in this same period, here’s what went out:

Total number of vendor payments/reimbursements: 51

Total payments (in USD): $196,041.29