Feature request: Sorting in Application…

Feature request: Sorting in Application Status page: ‘Status’ and ‘Milestone’ should follow workflow logic

Hi all,
The application-status page (https://central.wordcamp.org/application-status/) can be sorted by ‘Status’ or ‘Milestone’, but this results in an alphabetical sorting and not a ‘workflow’ sorting.
When ordering by one or the other, the WCs close to be ‘scheduled’ should figure on top because they have a good change of moving on and the ones ‘declined’ or ‘pre-planning’ somewhere lower in the list.

I have opened trac ticket https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2502, but I first need approval here.

If you agree with the feature request, I can help in proposing the ‘order’ because a decision will be needed how the order should be. Based on the different possible status and milestones, I can make a proposal.

Let me know !