Summary Community Team 2017 Goals

On January 2nd, Josepha posted the call for a brainstorming thread among all team members, deputies and organizers on what our Goals for 2017 should be.

Whether you have great ideas about streamlining deputy work or you’ve got a running list of updates you’d like in the documentation, this is the time to share!

And we shared! Josepha pulled all the ideas into a spreadsheet so we can identify the common goals. There were 70 ideas from 22 individuals. Thanks to Josepha for collecting all comments in a Google Spreadsheet.

Some of the ideas and tasks listed in the comments are already on their way: for instance, CampPayments, SupportPress replacement, Tool for Speaker session planning (MIA), Self-training initiative. Many comments were clustered around improving existing tools or processes. There were also quite a few new ideas, around WordPress event formats, communication initiatives, ways to support local events with concerted marketing efforts or to strengthen the community of organizers for both Wordcamps and Meetups.

Here is a summarized, organized list.

  • Goal: Increase WordPress events and Events attendance by making it easier for WordPress users to find relevant events in their location or industry
    • Updates on Website/Technology
      • Regional filtering on site, Discovery, city landing pages, Consistency of WordCamp name
      • Cross-referencing WP events on Rosetta Sites, Geobased Widgets, notification systems,, Name Change
      • better mobile version
      • better base theme
    • Microgrants for financial support of local communities
      • MicroEvent: hackathon, Training, contributor Day, Viewing Party, Meetup, Social
      • Technology around it: Approval process, scheduling, vendor reimbursement
    • Development of other WordPress events in different verticals
      • WordPress for Journalists
      • Nonprofits
      • Incubator program
    • Increase Diversity efforts of Community
      • Globally inclusive
      • Speaker selection
      • Attract more minorities
    • Development of Marketing & Promotion
      • concerted social media outreach to support the local promotion of WordCamps, meetups and other WordPress events
  • Goal: Decrease Burden on WordCamp organizers
    • Through Technology (Meta)
      • Improve CampPayments/ Budget Tool
      • Tool for Speaker session + Feedback form + Scheduling
      • Centralized Sponsor Database
      • Centralized Speaker Database
      • InDesign badge automation tool
      • Repository for resources (PSD, sketch, CSS)
    • By expanding Mentoring Organizers
      • Technology (Reminder notifications, automatic checklists, Mentor dashboard) — already on the way
    • Increase Training efforts to support organizers
      • Schedule Organizer Hangouts
      • Training, quizzes, self-training, videos
      • Better Documentation (What does PBC mean for sponsors, Handbook)
      • Recruitment efforts for co-organizers and next term lead organizer
  • Goal: Improved Communication within Community Team 
    • By updating used technology tools
      • Better Ticketing System (SupportPress)
    • Through better collaboration and team management
      • Keeping track of p2 discussions
      • Team Meeting formats (Reports outside meeting, discussion inside meeting, Scheduled for all timezones)
      • More Work Sprints (Support tickets, bug fixes, testing new features, etc.)

Thank you to all of you who contributed to this Goals document!  It will be interesting to go back in December and see how many of the excellent ideas have been implemented and what success looks like. 🙂