While part of the Global…

While part of the Global Community Team is on a meet up this week one of our main areas of focus is getting support@wordcamp.org (the community support inbox) moved from SupportPress to Help Scout. As we work to set up the new system email and contact forms will go to both SupportPress and Help Scout. Any viable threads we respond to from Help Scout will be closed in SupportPress with a note to indicate they were handled in Help Scout.

If you’re a Deputy who actively uses SupportPress you will be able to continue doing so until we’ve completed our transition to Help Scout. At that time you’ll receive an invitation to the new system.

The items we’re currently focusing on testing and breaking are listed below, if there’s anything additional you’re concerned with chime in in the comments.

  • Venue request form
  • meetup request form
  • WordCamp contact form
  • WordPressTV contact form
  • attachments
  • notifications and privacy
  • tags
  • creating predefs
  • general usage testing
  • notifications vs/ assignments
  • setup/ sign on