Open Call for Deputy Help

Is there anyone who would like to sort through our brainstorm of 2017 goals and write up a summary?

It should be an impartial summary of all the ideas here, so we can prioritize them, posted by the end of the week.

Pinging the folks who responded as well as a few deputiesProgram Supporter Community Program Supporters (formerly Deputies) are a team of people worldwide who review WordCamp and Meetup applications, interview lead organizers, and keep things moving at WordCamp Central. Find more about program supporters in our Program Supporter Handbook.: @amylaneio, @adityakane, @gounder, @andreamiddleton, @brandondove, @bph, @courtneypk, @emanweb, @francina, @hlashbrooke, @iandunn, @miss_jwo, @chanthaboune, @karenalma, @kcristiano, @vc27, @mdg2, @casiepa, @coreymckrill