WordCamp Talks (Talk Proposals) weekly slack chat recap

Our last weekly slack chat happened last week, Wednesday Dec 21 (5:30pm UTC+1). The archive starts here.

No set agenda as it was right before the holiday and attendance was low.
Present: Andrea Middleton, Tom Nowell, and myself, with participation from Josh Levinson.

We covered the following points and came to a few agreements:

  • We’ve validated the 2 CPT approach as the most effective, stating definitively that each has its own separate and unique purpose, giving us far more advantages.
  • We debated the name WordCamp Talks, and have decided, barring better ideas, that WordCamp Talk Proposals would be more apt and will be reflected in the UI if not the plugin namespaces.
  • This brought up further discussion on the use of such a plugin for other types of proposals and WordCamp decision-making where upvoting could be useful. We decided that the direction we’re taking with WordCamp Talk Proposals is very specific to the Call for Speakers process and related post types and taxonomies, and that other types of proposals could use the basic WP Idea Stream plugin if desired.
  • We briefly discussed the single sign-on approach, and agreed that it should be contained in a separate plugin for development and maintenance purposes, as well as to eventually make it available for other usage. But we will focus on it being useful for WordCamp Talk Proposals first and foremost to not slow down the integration of this valuable feature.
  • Tom brought up the idea of rebuilding the code base from scratch; we decided that this foundation was well enough advanced that it was best to continue on the current fork.
  • Tom and Josh were given commit access.

Our next slack chat is scheduled for Wednesday January 4 at 5:30pm UTC+1 on #meta-wordcamp.
Reminder that the plugin can be found here on github.

Comments welcome. Thanks to all!