WordCamp US Contributor Day Projects

In a little less than a month, many of our contributors will be together at WordCamp US Contributor Day, and this will be a great chance for us to get some work done on Community programs and tools! We’ll want to plan for projects that can include people who’ve been contributing to the Community Team for a while, and then also projects that will work for people who are coming to us for the first time. Here are some suggestions that I think have a good balance between development, documentation, testing, community management, and design tasks:

  • add a meta field in WordCamp Central WordCamp listing for global sponsorship grant
  • add a contract uploader tool to wordcamp.org so we can easily find every venue contract
  • an editorial calendar/newsletter schedule and newsletter copy for meetup & WordCamp organizers
  • plan for a new, WordCamp-surplus-inclusive & fan-designed swag store that organizers can order from autonomously
  • mentorship/organizing task list that lives inside WordCamp dashboard (@brandondove similar to what we scoped out at the opening of this year)
  • finishing touches on meetup application on Central
  • micro-grant application on Central
  • edit and finally publish the WordCamp toolkit
  • making design kit variations
  • editing handbook, orientation scripts
  • test deputy self-training materials (assuming I get them done in time)

If there’s something you think should be on this list, or something on this list that you’d really, really like to work on at WCUS, please tell us about it in the comments! 🙂