Let's talk about the 2017 Global Sponsorship Program

It’s time (past time!) to start drafting a Global Sponsorship program for 2017, yay! This week I sent a survey to current global sponsors to find out what they love and what they don’t love from the 2016 program. Apart from sponsor feedback, though, it’s worth discussing what, if anything, we think isn’t working in the 2016 program, including benefits, levels, and to some extent, execution.

As a reminder, we don’t have unlimited time to work on this, since we want to get a 2017 program to our current and prospective sponsors this month. I’m not aware of anything in our benefits packages that is specifically not working, but people don’t always tell me things directly, so. Here is your chance to tell us directly: what do you as event organizers love about the global sponsorship program? And what do you not love so much? 🙂