WordCamp Status Weekly Report (August 4th to August 10th)

Hello, Community Team! This is a report of all the WordCamp applications that we’ve seen work on this week (from August 4th to August 10th).

We saw 15 WordCamps with activity this week, but there are a little over 40 we haven’t heard from in a while. If your WordCamp isn’t on the list, but you’re still working hard, drop by the weekly update post or leave a comment here so we know you’re still okay!

1)  2 new applications that need vetting

  • WordCamp Tirupati, Andhrapradesh/India
  • WordCamp Prague, Czech Republic

2) 2 applicants asked to join their existing local community

  • WordCamp Medellin (non-Incubator)
  • WordCamp Washington, DC United States

3) 2 applicants that need an orientation/interview

  • WordCamp Bordeaux, France
  • WordCamp Copenhagen, Denmark

4) 3 WordCamps moved to pre-planning (sent agreement and signed, site created, templates, etc.)

  • WordCamp Mumbai, India
  • WordCamp Nairobi, Kenya
  • WordCamp Medellin (Incubator)

5) 0 WordCamps that need a budget review

6) 0 WordCamps (with approved budgets) awaiting contracts

7) 0 WordCamps that need a signed contract

8) 0 WordCamps waiting on Central Listing information

9) 3 WordCamps published to the schedule

  • WordCamp Rio de Janeiro
  • WordCamp Peoria
  • WordCamp Milwaukee

10) 1 WordCamp needing debrief

  • WordCamp Toronto


We also have three WordCamps who would like a mentor:

  • WordCamp Manila, Philippines
  • WordCamp Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • WordCamp Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

If you have questions (or your WordCamp is missing) let us know in the comments!