Outreachy week 9: My first lesson plans

I mentioned last week I will be starting with writing lesson plans, so here are my first ones:

And here are some of the ideas I was keeping in mind when writing them:

  • If some hands-on actions are going to be performed, it’s might be helpful to frame them as a scenario/use case. That makes it easier for a reader and also helps the reader to figure out how the lesson is relatable to their own projects.
  • First compose the outline: break the materials into logical steps and use it as headers later on. That makes the resulting lesson more visually appealing and increases its readability.
  • It’s important to keep yourself from the situations when there’s plenty of details on how to do something and no or little explanation why do we do it. After the learner is done with the tutorial it’s important for them to apply the knowledge they gained to the projects they will be working on, so explanations are crucial.