Monthly Deputy Meeting

We’re due for it to be this Thursday. I’d like to see A) who is able to be there this time, and B) if we can consider using video this time. There has been a lot of change over the past couple of months in terms of bringing on more deputies, which is good, but it has resulted in a lack of standardization around how things are getting done, which is less good and is leading to things slipping through the cracks. With so many changes happening (and in some cases not being communicated or documented), it’s making some of our longer-standing deputies feel like they don’t know what’s going on, and unable to participate, This is not the goal, obviously, and is part of why I suggest we try video this month, so people can freely speak their minds without fear of being quoted out of context online, and we can all see each other’s faces as we agree on how things should be getting done.

If the time — 19:00 UTC (11am Pacific) — doesn’t work for anyone who’s an active deputy (or anyone who has fallen inactive but wants to get back into the swing of things), we could discuss changing the time or day to be more convenient.

Sound off in the comments on if the day/time works for you (offer alternatives if not), and if video would be okay with you.