WordCamp Baltimore Debrief

The numbers:

  • How many tickets were sold? 196
  • How many people showed up? 180
  • How many people came to the party (estimate)? 50- 60 Tops
  • How many people filled out the survey? Survey just sent out (9/25/15) Has not seen results
  • How did the money end up (+/-)? On Budget (actually a little lower) surplus about 1,000

The budget:

  • Are all the vendors paid? Yes
  • All sponsors paid?All but Woo – Believe that is just not updated
  • Was there a surplus? Yes, about 1,000
  • What cost more than you expected? No, Right on Budget

The video:

  • What’s the plan to get them on WordPress.tv? In process if uploading

The opinions:

  • What went great: Event went great.  All volunteers and speakers showed up. Attendees had a great time.
  • What could have gone better: Need more organizers and more help planning next year
  • What should happen again: The event itself runs very well,  well attended and will try and keep same format for next year
  • What do you think should never happen again: Having one person take on most of the burden.  Looking for more organizers for the next camp

Things that were a downer:

  • There was an after-party issue: A volunteer (employed by a sponsor) became unruly starting at the after-party and spilling over into the ‘after-crawl’ (the informal party after the after-party ). There were 50-60 people in attendance of the after party. Some WC Balt attendees went on a public boat ride after the after party. About 15 after crawl attendees/sponsors/speakers were on this boat. Attendees brought their own bottles on this boat ride as per the rules and regulations on the ship. This person became visibly drunk, unruly, inappropriate behavior ensued. There was an incident where he kicked another volunteer in the back. The lead org and many others told him to stop, but as they were first on a boat, short of ‘throwing him overboard’ they could not remove this individual. Once back on land the individual followed people around and continued this behavior. People were concerned for the individuals safety, attendees considered him an unruly drunk. Lead Org described him as showing college age jock rowdiness — all inappropriate, but Lead Org addressed as best he could. Lead Org did report back to Sponsor (he had contact info as he knew them) and their HR dept was informed.
    There were no injuries, every one is safe, every one is on good terms.

Did you write a recap post? Not yet

Who’s on deck to organize next year? Not sure, but some good people came out of the volunteer team that are possible organizers

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