WordCamp Krakow 2015 Debrief

I spoke to Marcin Wolak about how things went at WordCamp Krakow 2015. Before going through the details it’s worth noting that how they do things in Poland is that they have the WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more. in a different city each year, so the organising team is always different (with one or two people being on the team in multiple years).

The numbers:

  • How many tickets were sold? 310
  • How many people showed up? 300
  • How many people came to the party (estimate)? 150 (which was what they expected)
  • How many people filled out the survey? 34 (linked on website and social media, but they will email attendees this week)

The budget:

  • Are all the vendors paid? Yes
  • Have all the sponsors paid? Yes
  • Has the budget been balanced? Yes.
  • How did the money end up (+/-)? Deficit of $217.53
  • What cost more than you expected? Shirts, printing & after party
  • What cost less than you expected? Nothin

The video:

  • What’s the plan to get them on WordPress.tv? They will be uploading the videos within the next week

The opinions:

  • What went great? They had a really fun time organising the event and the organisation was very good because of a great team. The design work was top notch and the venue worked really well with the technical team from the venue being very helpful. Communication with Central was great and everyone had a great time.
  • What could have gone better? Not enough sponsors – the event was right after the holiday season, so a number of potential sponsors weren’t around to confirm sponsorship, but they will make the conference on a different date next year to accommodate this. The food could have been better, but they were limited by budget. There also some logistical issues like transporting swag, etc. to the venue, but they managed to overcome that.
  • What should happen again: The consistency of the design work and graphic materials as well as the communication with attendees before and during the event (via website and social media).
  • What do you think should never happen again: Printed materials will need to be printed earlier as that was very rushed right before the event.

Did you write a recap post? Yes – you can read it here (in Polish).
Who’s on deck to organize next year? Marcin will be on the team, but a different team (and different team lead) will be organising because it will be in a different city.

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