Community Chat | Jun 4, 2015

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The chat started off by sending good vibes to the WordCamps coming up this weekend (Lyon, Hamilton, Cologne, and Orange County). Next we got team updates from Improving, WPTV, WordCamp Central, and Meetups. Here are the team highlights:

From WordCamp Central (@camikaos)

  • The time to nominate your city for WordCamp US has arrived. Fill out this form to throw your proverbial hat in the ring:
    • @davidlaietta asked: Many WordCamps are well into planning. Does this mean they would be postponed or cancelled?
      • Anyone who has a WordCamp event in the planning stages would want to consider many factors including proximity to their own WordCamp timing, current venue commitments, possibility of combining the events, support of the local community overall, and the increased difficulty of planning such a large-scale event.

From WPTV (@jerrysarcastic)

  • For the past few weeks, focused on putting out the call for public screencast (video tutorial) submissions in addition to the WordCamp stuff currently handled
  • Look for an announcement post early next week and be sure to share.

From Improving (@iandunn)

  • There are two post about the survey and next steps that are 99% done. Will be posted soon.
  • There are also two more posts drafted on individual projects, and will finish those up after the first two have a few days to settle.

For more information on this and other meetings, check out the sidebar and the Welcome box on

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