CommHub Meeting Notes

Slack log (Requires Slack login to view. Set one up if you don’t have a Slack account)

Project Status:

  • CommHub poll ended last Thursday.
  • The comments were scrubbed of personal details and put into a Google Docs.
  • Discussion for todays meeting evolved around what would make a variable minimum viable product ( MVP)
  • We have highlighted the features which we thought made sense as a group for MVP in green.
  • Discussed the viability of the MVP with meta team to check for any quick red warning bells.
  • The fact we want CommHub to be translatable is a global .org issue as it needs to be translated in the same way that .org is. Core is currently discussing it. For CommHub, as long as we keep to the same coding standards as the rest of .org it will be fine.


  • @Dustyf and myself are going to flesh out a MVP description for each feature. If you want to follow this or help out, it is in Google Docs in the MVP description sheet.
  • I need to write a paragraph explaining what the CommHub project is for the Community Outreach Team Projects list.


Checked my travel for next week and my travel is no better. I propose that the meeting next week is Monday 18:00 UTC. This would be just before my flight. If you have any concerns please just let me know. Apologies for the bad travel planning.