WordCamp Deputies program update

We’ve been recruiting and training volunteers who can help with some of the WordCamp organizer vetting and oversight work that I’ve been responsible for over the past 3 years. The following people have agreed to help review incoming WordCamp organizer applications, interview new applicants, and review WordCamp budgets:

US volunteers:

Josepha Haden
Brandon Dove
Karen Arnold
Kevin Cristiano
Brian Richards

Europe/Africa volunteers:

Scott Basgaard
Mario Peshev

Asia/Pacifica volunteers:

Dee Teal
Mayuko Moriyama
Aditya Kane

Reviewing applications:

Every deputy chooses a day in which he/she will review applications for 30-60 minutes. If there are no applications in that deputy’s default region, they are welcome to review applications in other regions. Applications that merit an interview will be responded to with an interview request. Deputies with possible conflicts of interest will recuse themselves in a note on the SP ticket, and another deputy will review/reply instead.

Currently, that schedule is:

Deputy days:
Sun: Dee Teal
Mon: Aditya Kane
Tues: Mario Peshev, Brandon Dove
Wed: Karen Arnold
Thurs: Scott Basgaard
Fri: Kevin Cristiano, Josepha Haden

Interviewing applicants:

Two standing group interview slots per week have been scheduled for would-be WordCamp organizers. These can be hangouts or text chats on Skype, depending on English fluency. If an application looks good, then deputies will invite the applicant to that interview. We prefer to have two interviewers in each hangout if possible, for support and deputy feedback. We’ll limit the group interviews to three would-be organizers per session, and drop interview notes on the applicant into a comment on their application thread on SupportPress. Deputies won’t approve anyone IN the interview — they’ll send them a response via SupportPress afterwards. In the approval email, it’s preferred to introduce them to their mentor as well. Guidelines for interviewing applicants: https://make.wordpress.org/community/interviewing-wordcamp-organizer-applicants/

Budget review:

Since these take an hour each, my suggestion is to have one person in each region (Americas, Asia/Pacifica, Europe/Africa) assigned to budget reviews for an entire month, and that person checks in once or twice a week to see if any budget review requests come in, or the deputy checking for applications that day will “notify” the budget reviewer in SupportPress of a budget review request.  The budget reviewer rotates every month. Guidelines for budget review: https://make.wordpress.org/community/reviewing-a-proposed-wordcamp-budget/

Once the budget is approved, then the reviewer notifies Cami will publish the WordCamp to the official schedule, and hey look, it’s a WordCamp!


Once a week, Cami will post to make/community with a WordCamp updates thread, and you’ll each reply with what you did that week as a deputy, even if it’s “no applications this week.” That way we’ll have transparency and the community will know if things are really quiet or really hopping. I’d think it would look something like this:

  • replied to application from Dhaka asking for more info on the local meetup
  • replied to application from Pune, asking them to start a meetup
  • replied to application from Tehran, asking them to start a meetup
  • replied to application from Auckland, invited to interview for next Wednesday


  • interviewed applicants from North Canton, Lousiville, and Pittsburgh.
  • approved North Canton for pre-planning, assigned John Hawkins as mentor
  • approved Louisville for pre-planning, assigned Erick Hitter as mentor
  • recommended Pittsburgh work on developing the local meetup further, so they’d have an easier time recruiting local speakers and sponsors, and re-apply in 6 months

I’ll add the relevant schedules to the sidebar later today! Please let us know in a comment if you have a suggestion or question.

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