WordPress.tv Moderator Chat – Recap

Today we discussed a few things that we have been working on since the Community Summit, and where we are headed for 2015. Full chat archive is here.

  • Moderator Handbook – We’re still working on building this out as a group, so we do also have some documents staged in Google Docs so we can iterate and add any feedback. Final text is then added to the handbook here (linked in the sidebar)
  • Buddy System – To help onboard new moderators we are going to try out a “buddy system” where a new mod is paired with an experienced one. Documentation is here (#) and we also created a few buddy pairs for our newest mods
  • Assisting WordCamps – We have talked off and on and have done some preliminary leg work for this year. For 2015 we are going to actively reach out to an early camp, and offer to provide both guidance (how to set up for filming, etc.) as well as post-production help. If possible we will try to do this in a location where a mod is nearby, and also work video into the contributor day for that camp.
  • Return of weekly meetings – We experimented with office hours, but in the end decided to return to a standard weekly format as our team has grown to a size where this makes sense. Our meeting time/location is in the sidebar, and we hope to see you next week!

We also added two new mods (Beth Soderberg and Evan Zimmerman) to the squad this week. Glad to have you both! 🙂

#team-chat, #wordpress-tv