WordPress.tv moderator chat moved to next week

Howdy WPTV mods, as may have heard, it was announced recently that we will be moving our chats from IRC to Slack. As a result of this (plus the fact that @roseapplemedia and I are still at the Community Summit) it seemed best to reschedule our chat which was to be held today.

So let’s plan on meeting on Slack in the #community channel next week. I’ll be on vacation starting Wednesday the 5th (our normal day to chat) so how about we meet on Tuesday November 4th at 09:00 PDT (17:00 UTC) on Slack. Convert to your time zone

If you are not on Slack yet, please try to get signed up before our meeting. If you have a WordPress.org account, you are already invited to join. To sign up, just follow the steps here: chat.wordpress.org

If you have any trouble, please drop a comment and I’ll get you fixed up! 🙂

#team-chat, #wordpress-tv, #wptv-mods