WordCamps update

This week is the Automattic grand meetup, and thus @jenmylo, @camikaos, and I will not be available at the time of our weekly team chat. Below is an update on WordCamps; if you’d like to meet tomorrow in our absence, perhaps we can have a general WordCamp organizer chat, since so many people on the team are organizers and some of you (Toronto, Orlando) have events coming up soon! 🙂

We’ve had 58 camps so far this year, and 19 more on the schedule for 2014. There are still 5 WordCamps on the planning list which are still shooting for 2014 dates.

WordCamps approved for pre-planning in September so far:

  • Belo Horizonte
  • Lancaster PA
  • Switzerland
  • Nepal
  • Mumbai

WordCamps added to the schedule in September:

  • Sao Paulo

WordCamp SF planning continues — we’re 6 weeks away, gulp! 🙂 We’re still working on pricing live captioning for the event and figuring out how to incorporate that into the live stream. @iandunn is working on improving the attendee check-in feature for Camptix. We’ll be posting the rest of our awesome speakers and the provisional schedule soon — hopefully next week — and opening some forums so that attendees can connect before the event to arrange rides, meetings, etc. Expect some informational posts soon about the community summit as well.