WordPress tv Moderator Squad Update

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Post-production for videos is taking shape. The first videos with the slides cut-in by WPTV post-production where published this week.

Framing a video to capture the presenter and also get a clear shot of the slides can be a big problem. What tends to happen is the video does not capture either very well. This is distracting and often makes the video difficult to watch and a WordCamp presentation is lost. But if the video concentrates on the presenter then the slides can be added later and having the slides appear in the video makes for a better viewing experience.

This is a simple editing process and can be done by anyone with basic editing skills and it can be taught to anyone that wants to learn some basic editing.

In The Last 7 Days:

19 videos were published from 4 WordCamp’s around the world.

with views from 137 different countries.

The Top Three Most Viewed WordCamp Videos This Week

Steve Zehngut: Build a WordPress Theme with Foundation and Underscores

Kevin Stover: The Candid Developer. Developing and Maintaining A Successful Plugin… Is Scary

Loris Grillet: Selling Your Projects and Building the Perfect Client Relationship

In Process:

Additional outlets to help make WordCamp videos available to a larger audience.

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