WordPress.tv moderator squad: Meetup recap

The ModSquad gathered for a chat in IRC today to discuss some of the recent changes on WordPress.tv. The following items were discussed:

  • Changes to the Planet WordPress feed and blog.wordpress.tv
  • Using the “Featured” tag to promote content for weekly “Staff Picks” blog posts
  • Videos are featured based on technical quality (good sound/picture, slides clearly visible) and not content, which is already high quality.
  • Coming soon: creating a publicize connection to the WordCamp Twitter account to promote videos as they are published.
  • Post production – underway with first camp. Mods in attendance asked if they want to help edit slides into presentations
  • First mod-produced video (editing in presentation slides) here. Props @roseapplemedia

As always, if you are a mod, and couldn’t make it on IRC, or just want to see what was discussed in more detail, the chat log is available here.

#team-meetup, #wordpress-tv