There hasn’t been a lot of detail about…

There hasn’t been a lot of detail about having meetup venue charges paid by the Foundation so we’d like to open up a discussion on what the requirements for that should be.

In order for your area’s meetup to be eligible you need to:
1 – be on the chapter account.
2 – be following the 5 good-faith rules:
3 – be unable to find a donated venue
4 – be meeting requirements for safety, adequate seating, and accessibility

If those items are all met we recommend that the price point for your venue not exceed $5 per person per month and we ask for a 3-6 month invoice and commitment.

When looking for a new venue, we’ll ask for a short venue requirements brief identifying what you need in a venue. If your proposed venue cost is higher than the recommended amount, we’ll ask what venues you’ve ruled out (and why) to better understand what you’re looking for, and what amenities the chosen venue has that makes it worth the higher cost.

The Meetup Venue Approval Request form is located here:

Questions? Suggestions? Recommendations?