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WordPress.tv Moderator Squad Update

“Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.”

One of the tags we use to moderate videos is LOGO IN VIDEO. This covers a wide range of issues from having a company logo on the presentation slides to having watermarks, lower-thirds, intros or outros, etc inserted in a video and even the placement of sponsor placards in the videos.

Typically watermarks, lower-thirds, intros, outros, etc are used to show ownership of a video or they are used as an advertisement for a product or service, and are really not appropriate for WPTV videos. The exception begin when these are used for information about the presentation itself. Sponsor’s logos or logos on presentation slides should not be a prominent (distracting) part of the video shot or the slides.

Keeping this in mind will help avoid a video being delayed for editing or simply not being published at all.

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In Process:

Subtitles/translations has added a video that shows you how to open an Amara account and add a subtitle or translation file to any video hosted on WordPress.tv. Check it out!

How to add subtitles and translations to WordPress.tv

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