WordPress.tv – Moderator issues thread for week 32

Howdy Mods, and welcome to another week of awesome videos! If you have any issues with what you are moderating, need a second opinion, or have something you want to discuss about wordpress.tv please say so here in the comments.

Also, we have weekly office hours this Wednesday on IRC (#wordpress-getinvolved on Freenode) from UTC 14:00 – 17:00 Convert to your time zone.

Also, here is a handy checklist for what you will want to double-check when modding videos:

  1. Post Title – use this format – Speaker Name: Title of the Talk
  2. Video Attachment Title – Change under “Add Media” and use Post Title formatting above
  3. Description – Placed in Excerpt box (make sure to edit it to be in the present tense)
  4. Slides – Format links to slides to use this format Presentation Slides »
  5. Meta Boxes – Check the following Meta Boxes:
  • Categories – Add categories for Year, City/Location, Presentation Video (or Panel Discussion), Slides, and WordCampTV
  • Tags – Add any that apply (Caution Using How-To tags)
  • Speaker – Name(s) of Presenter(s)
  • Language – of Presenter
  • Event – use this format – WordCamp (City or Location) (Year) – ex. WordCamp Chicago 2014

#issues-thread, #wordpress-tv