One Survey to Rule Them All

In our never-ending quest to make WordCamps easier to organize and better for attendees, I’d like to improve the attendee survey experience. The survey is frequently an after-thought for organizers, and when Polldaddy started requiring a account, things got complicated.

I’ve always been loathe to ask everyone to use the same survey because I don’t like to limit individuality in WordCamp organizing, but at the same time it would be incredibly useful to have all WordCamps judged on the same scale so we can give organizers reliable data on how their event directly compares to other events. Currently we provide a default survey template to organizers so they can customize it, but teams can write their own as well. My experience is that most teams don’t customize it very much, if at all.

Proposal: Make one centralized survey available on WordCamp Central with a drop down for the WordCamp name and questions that should apply to every WordCamp. All camps can then tweet/email out the same link, making the survey easy to find. WordCamp Central then just exports the results to the organizing team after a period of 2 weeks. For V2, we could even set up an automated system so that CampTix would send an email about the survey to all attendees the day after the event, and maybe even automate a scheduled post about the survey on the blog as well.

Here is an example/proposed survey:

Please comment with your thoughts on a centralized WordCamp Attendee Survey. If you have suggestions about the survey questions themselves, please also leave those in the comments.

#surveys, #wordcamps