WordCamp Sponsorship Squad

Particularly for newer or first-time WordCamp organizers, managing sponsors can be tricky. Not everyone relishes working with sponsors, and not every organizer is as trademark- or GPL-savvy as they might like to be. WordCamps approach event sponsorship differently from most other conferences, and sometimes a potential sponsor’s expectations don’t fit common practice (or IRS requirements) for WordCamps.

Sponsorship Squad to the rescue! This intrepid group of WordCamp veterans will be available for WordCamp organizers to consult when they have questions about sponsorship issues and will check WordCamp sites for trademark or GPL issues that a sponsor might not have been aware of. The squad will also check in a few weeks before WordCamp to help ensure that WordCamp organizers have fulfilled the promises in their sponsorship packages. I’ll still be available for the really knotty problems, but the Squad will be the first line of defense. I’d love to have team of 5-6, and have the squad hold office hours — one hour a week — in IRC to answer questions and/or check WordCamp sites.

If you enjoy working with sponsors, have organized more than one WordCamp, and have one hour a week to help WordCamps navigate the straits of sponsorship wrangling, please volunteer by leaving a comment below.

#sponsorship, #wordcamps