Past WordCamp Organizers: Help!

We’ll need some more hands on deck to get past WC speaker/organizer data squared away for when we do the profiles update later this week. Basically we need to check each WC site on against a spreadsheet, to see if the number of speakers/sessions/organizers listed on the site is the same as the number listed in the custom post types. When the numbers don’t match, we have to go into the site and copy/paste the names into the CPTs.

Pure drudgery, but you can do it while binge-watching Veronica Mars in preparation for the movie next month, or over a glass of wine with a friend (or while idly chatting in our IRC channel or on a hangout?). Due to the all-access nature of this work, this is limited to past WordCamp organizers/volunteers who helped maintain a WC site in the past. Volunteer in the comments to sign up and get instructions emailed to you.