Making Better Speakers

Remember when we made thousands of little potential project teams in the /events site? Some had volunteers, some got started but floundered after a bit, a few stayed dedicated right through today, and some never really kicked off because we were starting so many things at once?

I’ve been hitting a lot of WordCamps this summer, and it’s hit home that we dropped the ball on building resources and processes to help make better speakers. (The original post from last year. A year and a month. Ouch.) Let’s get that in gear! I talked to Terry Collins at WC Buffalo today about helping take point on this (she’s one of the WC Buffalo organizers and is involved with toastmasters etc.), so let’s get a new sound-off on who’d be psyched to work on this. If no one volunteers, I’ll just start emailing people who’ve gotten good feedback as speakers before to ask them to help get us started, but hopefully some of you experienced speakers are interested in sharing your knowledge. Let us know in the comments!

#mentorship, #speaker-training, #wordcamps