Training Curriculums

I’ve added Courtney O’Callaghan to this site. @courtneydawn was a TA at the first pilot troubleshooting training in DC, and has volunteered to take on the theme school curriculum, building on the work of the volunteers at WCSF dev day. She’ll be posting here to introduce herself and get things going; I hope we’ll have lots of continuing volunteers in this program. Once we’re at a point where we have some curriculum sections ready to go we can start running pilots to work out the bugs.

Speaking of curriculums/pilots, @sabreuse has committed to sprucing up the troubpeshooting curriculum by getting together some more content (additional practice exercises, self-quizzes, introductory scripts, and finalized walkthrough scripts). She’ll be reaching out to volunteers to help and we hope to have something put together by 3rd week of September for review/feedback.

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