WordCamp Overseer Trainees?

I know there’s a group working on a proposal for an organizer mentorship program, which is cool. In the meantime, we need to get some hands on deck now rather than later to help with incoming organizer applications and orienting newly approved organizers. These people would learn the process from @andreamiddleton, and hopefully volunteer a couple of hours a week doing this. Interested? For the sake of expediency, let’s stick to folks who are experienced with WC organizing, and who don’t have any beef with the guidelines. Not saying there’s no room for dissent, but since this is a start-now thing, removing the need for guidelines arguments/debates will be the easiest, fastest way to get a handful of people up to speed.

Who wants to help? Leave your name in the comments, and Andrea will pick up to 4 people completely subjectively and without any group voting. Sometimes we need to just get things done. 🙂

Mentorship program team, still looking forward to seeing that move forward.