WordCamp New Organizer Mentorship Program Update 1/3/13

Our group met for the second time this past week and made some great progress.

We have added several action items to our plan, including putting together some resources for new organizers that mentors can share with them, making some modifications to the organizer application (to prompt a new organizer to seek out an appropriate mentor), and implementing an outgoing organizer interview, to ensure a succession plan is established and the incoming organizer isn’t starting from scratch.

We’ve posted an Idea Board to our shared doc folder and will continue to post more ideas like this as our conversations continue. These ideas are helping to form the outline of the entire program when coupled with what we know of other successful programs out there.

Our next meeting is this Thursday, January 10, 2013 and we are going to be creating that outline for our program and divvying our action items and ideas into that outline.