The Second Round of Subcommittees

OK, next round of subcommittees! Again, if youre added to a group that, in retrospect, you’d rather not take part in, just comment on this post so we can make changes. Once the groups are settled, I’ll ask each group to appoint/elect a notetaker to act as a point of contact and be responsible for posting weekly updates.

The first order of business will be to make a plan, set a project schedule, and assign roles/tasks. Your group might want to meet weekly or a couple times a week to brainstorm or discuss your progress. You can do this via IRC, Skype, Google hangout, or whatever works best for everyone. Once a week, your group will be asked to post an update here on your progress. If a group fails to post two weeks in a row, I’ll reach out and see how I can help the group get back on track.

New Organizer Mentorship Program

Heather Acton
Dre Armeda
Andrew Christian
Ben Lobaugh
Jeffrey Zinn

Review WordCamp Guidelines

Karen Alma
Dustin Filippini
Aaron Hockley
Tony Perez
Dee Teal

WordCamp Base Theme Page Templates

Brandon Dove
Erick Hitter
Chelsea Otakan
Morten Rand-Herickson
Brad Williams

I’ll email each group so you’ll know how to reach each other. Please include your roadmap and assigned roles/tasks as your first weekly update. Each following update should highlight what has happened in the past week — what progress has been made, what challenges have been faced, if there are new or departing contributors — as well as what’s planned for the week ahead. You can see an example of a weekly update here.

Let’s do great things together! 🙂

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