Hello World!

The Community Summit we had last month made it clear that there are dozens of people ready and willing to pitch in to make the WordPress contributor community better: more welcoming, more informed, more empowered, more diverse, more of everything good in the world. This new contributor group, the community builders, will focus on outreach, mentorship programs, and contributor engagement to make us all the “more”s listed above and then some.

There are a number of ideas that are already being talked about or are in various stages of planning or implementation. There are even more ideas that no one has verbalized yet, and some of those will be incredibly cool. To get this group kicked off, people interested in getting involved should leave a comment introducing themselves, identifying their greatest area of interest, and listing any good ideas for things we could do in the mission of the “more”s.

A note on timing: starting a big initiative right as the Nov-Dec holidays are starting is a recipe for disaster, so let’s plan to use the coming weeks for introductions, research, brainstorming, and planning, with implementation starting with the new year when people’s attention won’t be so divided. We can figure out which things we want to jump on first and create subcommittees to focus on specific initiatives/programs so that we can make the most progress. Since many if not most of our programs will likely overlap with other contributor groups, we can also use these weeks to help shore up those groups in their efforts to get more organized, better documented, etc before we start bringing in more contributors for them to wrangle.

Sound like something you want to be part of? Hit the comments!

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