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An ongoing list of ideas and potential improvements for wp-cli.org.


  • Split components into logical subpackages (e.g. wp-cli/search-replace-command), and require them via Composer. (from #3652).

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Website Website

  • Redesign! And potentially move to WordPress from Github pages.
  • Produce command pages for the packages listed in the package index.
  • Publish a set of suggested best practices for package maintainers to follow.
  • Proxy Github API requests for new WP-CLI versions (from #3426).

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Package Index Package Index

  • Display download / installation counts for each package.
  • Display number of Github stars for each package.
  • Highlight packages in the index that are regularly updated, have multiple maintainers, or reflect some other quality we hold to be important.
  • Written guidelines for package best practices.
  • Create distribution releases for packages in the package index to speed up installation (from #2566).
  • Run test suite for each package on a weekly basis (from #3197).
  • Validate packages submitted to the package index (previously #3177)

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General Infrastructure General Infrastructure