WP_CLI\Utils\proc_open_compat() Edit


Windows compatible proc_open(). Works around bug in PHP, and also deals with *nix-like ENV_VAR=blah cmd environment variable prefixes.

Usage Usage

WP_CLI\Utils\proc_open_compat( $cmd, $descriptorspec, $pipes, $cwd = null, $env = null, $other_options = null )
$command (string) Command to execute.
$descriptorspec (array) Indexed array of descriptor numbers and their values.
&$pipes (array) Indexed array of file pointers that correspond to PHP’s end of any pipes that are created.
$cwd (string) Initial working directory for the command.
$env (array) Array of environment variables.
$other_options (array) Array of additional options (Windows only).
@return (resource) stripped of any environment variable settings.

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