WP_CLI\Utils\make_progress_bar() Edit

Create a progress bar to display percent completion of a given operation.

Usage Usage

WP_CLI\Utils\make_progress_bar( $message, $count, $interval = 100 )
$message (string) Text to display before the progress bar.
$count (integer) Total number of ticks to be performed.
$interval (int) Optional. The interval in milliseconds between updates. Default 100.
@return (cli\progress\Bar|WP_CLI\NoOp)

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Notes Notes

Progress bar is written to STDOUT, and disabled when command is piped. Progress
advances with $progress->tick(), and completes with $progress->finish().
Process bar also indicates elapsed time and expected total time.

# `wp user generate` ticks progress bar each time a new user is created.
# $ wp user generate --count=500
# Generating users  22 % [=======>                             ] 0:05 / 0:23

$progress = \WP_CLI\Utils\make_progress_bar( 'Generating users', $count );
for ( $i = 0; $i < $count; $i++ ) {
    // uses wp_insert_user() to insert the user

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