WP_CLI\Utils\http_request() Edit

Make a HTTP request to a remote URL.

Usage Usage

WP_CLI\Utils\http_request( $method, $url, $data = null, $headers = array(), $options = array() )
$method (string) HTTP method (GET, POST, DELETE, etc.)
$url (string) URL to make the HTTP request to.
$headers (array) Add specific headers to the request.
$options (array)
@return (object)

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Notes Notes

Wraps the Requests HTTP library to ensure every request includes a cert.

# `wp core download` verifies the hash for a downloaded WordPress archive

$md5_response = Utils\http_request( 'GET', $download_url . '.md5' );
if ( 20 != substr( $md5_response->status_code, 0, 2 ) ) {
     WP_CLI::error( "Couldn't access md5 hash for release (HTTP code {$response->status_code})" );

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