Twenty-One Merged PRs for WP-CLI Hack Day 2023

The second ever WP-CLIWP-CLI WP-CLI is the Command Line Interface for WordPress, used to do administrative and development tasks in a programmatic way. The project page is Hack Day is now complete! It was a ton of fun to collaborate with folks all over the world — without the long airplane flight 😊

Many thanks to everyone that participated! 🙏 @antoniosejas, @janwoostendorp, @johnbillion, @kau-boy, @pekkakortelainen, @schlessera, @shawnhooper, @skithund, @swissspidy, @thelovekesh, @wojtekn, @xknown

We had twenty-one pull requests that were merged during the event:

  1. Add missing documentation for $data attribute in http_request()
  2. Add docker compose command support in SSH command generation
  3. Site_Command: Do not assume get_super_admins() has the 0 array index
  4. Improve SQLite compatibility
  5. Fix super admin test on SQLite
  6. Move SQLite plugin to mu-plugins
  7. Further improve SQLite testing
  8. Re-enable some tests for SQLite
  9. Add update_version to the default fields for plugin and theme commands
  10. Add missing required arguments when using --prompt
  11. Fix SQLite mu-plugins usage with composer installs
  12. Remove use of @require-wp-latest
  13. Update PHPCS workflow to add full report in CI logs
  14. Add examples on listing unapproved, spam and trash comments
  15. Replace DOS line endings with LF
  16. Remove the pre-commit hook installation and its corresponding command
  17. Remove inexistent post-install-cmd
  18. Add edge case handling checksum verification of Hello Dolly
  19. Support for adding and removing of multiple user roles
  20. Add --force-check flag to check-update command
  21. Add verbosity level and quiet flag in ssh command based on debug flag

In addition to those, we had an additional four pull requests that were submitted during the event that aren’t yet merged:

  1. Add support for MySQL socket connection
  2. Dist Archive: ask user confirmation if file exists before overwriting it
  3. Enable formatter for search command
  4. Check if Installed Plugins Are No Longer in the Plugin Directory

It was really great to spend time with folks on Zoom, too. ❤️ We spent several hours triaging the backlog, talking through various issues, and being thankful we weren’t frantically fixing a curl compatibility issue.

See you at the next WP-CLI Hack Day!