Good first issues for new contributors

Want to submit your first pull request to WP-CLIWP-CLI WP-CLI is the Command Line Interface for WordPress, used to do administrative and development tasks in a programmatic way. The project page is We’ve identified a few good first issues for you to get your feet wet:

  • Link to code review guidelines from PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE
    We’ve published code review guidelines that now need to be incorporated into our PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE scaffolding. This issue involves a one-line change to a template file.
  • List dropin plugins in wp plugin list
    For those using a db.phpobject-cache.php, or similar, it’d be helpful to display them when running wp plugin list. This issue involves writing a bit of code with Behat functional tests around the behavior.
  • Add pre-built dictionary of “did you mean…” suggestions
    When a user mistypes a command argument, WP-CLI tries to suggest the correct argument. In certain cases, the algorithm needs enhancement from a dictionary of pre-defined corrections. This issue involves reviewing WP-CLI command arguments, writing a bit of code to produce a dictionary around the most sensible corrections, and enhancing our existing PHPUnit tests for the feature.
  • Handle all cases for Utils\wp_version_compare()
    As it turns out, WordPress has some version strings that version_compare() can’t handle. Our existing utility is inadequate for all of the cases, so we should update. This issue involves tracking down all potential version strings, writing a bit of code, and enhancing our existing PHPUnit tests for the feature.
  • Explain why certain tables can be skipped when using wp search-replace
    There are a couple of cases, indicated in the issue, where tables can be skipped or “missed” entirely. This issue involves adding some explanation of these cases to the existing command documentation.

Read through the contributing guide for details on how to get started. Feel free to ask questions on the specific issue, or join us in the #cli channel with any questions you might have.