Version 1.3.0 released

Happy release day! After 210 total merged pull requests, we’re excited to bring you WP-CLI v1.3.0.

Install packages with shortened identifiers

Recently, we have been discussing the future of the WP-CLI package index. Our conclusion was to deprecate the existing package index for now and provide a new mechanism for more easily installing external commands that are hosted on GitHub.

As of WP-CLI v1.3.0, whenever you provide a package identifier in the form of <vendor>/<package>, WP-CLI will first check the deprecated package index (for backward compatibility reasons), and then check for a GitHub repository that matches this identifier. This also accepts all version qualifiers/requirements that Composer can parse.


# Install vendor/command from GitHub (uses
$ wp package install vendor/command

# Install version 1.0.5 of vendor/command:
$ wp package install vendor/command:v1.0.5

# Install commit 95ce52b of vendor/command:
$ wp package install vendor/command:dev-master#95ce52b

New commands

Wondering whether a specific string exists in your database? Wonder no more! Use the new wp db search to search through all text columns in your database for your specified string (or regex pattern) [#29, #33]:

# Search through the database for the 'http://' regular expression, printing stats.
$ wp db search 'http:\/\/' --regex --stats
Success: Found 99146 matches in 10.752s (10.559s searching). Searched 12 tables, 53 columns, 1358907 rows. 1 table skipped:

Need easy access to the database prefix for chaining into other commands? Use wp db prefix to print it out [#22]:

$ wp db prefix

Everything else in v1.3.0

Command improvements

  • wp config *:
    • Errors early when no wp-config.php can be found [#22].
  • wp config create:
    • Generates keys/salts locally and use API as fallback [#25].
  • wp config get:
    • Adds --constant=<constant> or --global=<global> to get the value of a specific constant or global [#16].
    • Indicates files included by wp-config.php [#18].
  • wp core (multisite-install|multisite-convert):
    • Use --skip-config to avoid addition of multisite constants to wp-config.php file [#18].
  • wp import:
    • Prevents non-existent directories from ending up in the list of files to import [#8].
  • wp media *:
    • Changes media noun to ‘items’ in most cases, to reflect multi-type nature of media [#18].
  • wp media import:
    • Adds --skip-copy flag to allow import of media from local filesystem without moving on disk [#21].
  • wp package install:
    • Adds support for short package identifiers [#22].
  • wp post term delete:
    • Implements --all flag to remove all terms from a post [#23].
  • wp scaffold *:
    • Creates phpcs.xml.dist instead of custom-named phpcs.ruleset.xml [#19].
    • Better support for symbolic links [#26].
    • Changes the grunt config for addtextdomain to override all text domains by default [#28].
  • wp search-replace:
    • Includes --format=count to only show number of rows affected [#14].
  • wp term (get|update|delete):
    • Introduces --by=<type> argument to get/update/delete term by slug [#27].
  • wp user *:
    • Support fetching users with an email address in the login field [#21].
  • wp super-admin remove:
    • Allows revoking super-admin of non-existent user [#6].

Framework enhancements

  • Fixes autoload file names for $custom_vendor condition [#4147].
  • Saves runtime config so it can be passed as args to Runner::run_alias_group() invocation [#4148].
  • Manually loads comments if opcache.save_comments is disabled [#4161].
  • Allows numbers in subcommand names and arguments [#4164, #4269].
  • Fixes double slash in boot-phar.php path [#4169].
  • Allows root use of wp cli info, in addition to wp cli update [#4177].
  • Updates SSH URL parser regexp to allow for null port number [#4182].
  • Add WP_CLI\Utils\get_home_dir() helper function [#4184].
  • Reduces included files (Behat/PHPUnit in particular) in built Phar [#4185].
  • Behat: Allows test DB user + pass to be set by environment variables [#4196].
  • Fixes output in JSON format in case of error while encoding [#4199].
  • Passes WP_CLI_STRICT_ARGS_MODE on to --ssh=<ssh> if set [#4207].
  • Displays a more helpful error message when site cannot be found [#4212].
  • Fixes broken indentation on Windows systems because of line endings [#4221, #4222].
  • Adapts --ssh=<ssh> flag to work with Docker and Docker Compose [#4240].
  • Checks for availability of proc_open/close in various scenarios [#4245].

Contributors to this release (45 total): aaemnnosttv, BhargavBhandari90, chetansatasiya, chriszarate, cjhaas, colemanedwards, danielbachhuber, davetha, drrobotnik, electrokit, emgk, emirpprime, erikjoling, fjarrett, freegenie, gitlost, greatislander, iansvo, Ippey, jalavoy, jameselks, joehoyle, johnbillion, @JPry, junaidbhura, kouratoras, lucatume, @mapk, mikeschinkel, miya0001, @murtzsarialtun, nikolov-tmw, pierre-dargham, plastikdreams, rahul286, ronaksampat, schlessera, Sidsector9, soulseekah, szepeviktor, tfrommen, vbaranovskiy-plesk, westonruter, wp-make-coffee, wpbullet