Version 0.9 released

Version 0.9.0 is now available.

New distribution method

The PEAR channel has been abandoned, and replaced with a much simpler distribution method: you download a single Phar archive. Done.

Of course, installing via git is still possible and encouraged, if you want to hack on WP-CLIWP-CLI WP-CLI is the Command Line Interface for WordPress, used to do administrative and development tasks in a programmatic way. The project page is

The front page has up-to-date information about all the supported installation methods.



  • added wp media regenerate command. props Viper007Bond and benmay for the initial work
  • added wp role command
  • added wp term command
  • added wp post edit
  • added --edit flag to wp post create
  • added wp scaffold _s
  • added wp core init-tests
  • made wp scaffold plugin generate files for unit tests. see the blog post
  • added --format parameter to wp user list
  • made wp help work without a WP install
  • added --force flag to wp core download


  • fixed --path argument getting ignored when running wp core download
  • don’t set WP_ADMIN to true
  • fixed loading error with some wp-config.php files
  • replaced git submodules with Composer dependencies
  • improved functional test coverage and set up Travis CI builds

You can also browse the full list of resolved issues.

Contributors to this release: danielbachhuber, drrobotnik, erwanlr, goldenapples, jmslbam, leewillis77, nacin, nb, ocean90, scribu, sebastiaandegeus, taupecat.