Version 0.8

Version 0.8.0 is now available.



  • added wp search-replace. hat tip to interconnectit/Search-Replace-DB
  • added wp scaffold
  • added wp cap
  • added wp user add-role
  • added --role parameter to wp user remove-role
  • added --ids parameter to wp user list
  • added --post__in parameter to wp export
  • added --str parameter to most wp db subcommands
  • removed community commands (wp total-cache, wp super-cache, wp sitemap)
  • made wp post update accept multiple IDs
  • fixed incorrect exit code from wp core is-installed in some cases
  • fixed wp user import-csv
  • fixed wp theme update <theme>
  • fixed wp plugin update <plugin> not reactivating the plugin


  • added support for wp-cli.yml config file
  • bypass full-page caching plugins
  • disabled coloring when not in a TTY and added --color/no-color global parameters
  • added --debug global parameter
  • added wp --info utility
  • added unit tests for wp core subcommands
  • Composer compatibility

You can also browse the full list of resolved issues.

Contributors to this release: danielbachhuber, ericmann, jmslbam, milesj, mwilliamson, scribu, sebastiaandegeus.