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  • Rian Rietveld 11:59 am on June 27, 2017 Permalink |
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    This week in WPA11y – June 27, 2017 

    WordCamp Europe

    For discussions and plans see: Takeaways from Paris.

    New structure handbook

    We agreed on the following new structure: Per topic short explanations, then links to good articles and examples. The resources do not need to be WordPress specific.
    We’ll need some method for ensuring the currency and accuracy of resources listed, if we’re going to list specific resources. So probably restrict the resources to the most authoritative ones. And we need to check the resources regularly.

    Order of things:

    • make a list of topics
    • add an intro per topic
    • add resources to it

    @samikeijonen and @rianrietveld will start with a spreadsheet gathering the topics, everyone can add possible resources to that later, so we can see what we can use for the handbook.

    Test Gutenberg

    Now Gutenberg is available as plugin we want to install it on our test server and give it to the test team this week. With a clear description on what it does and a link to the issues already reported on GitHub.

    @arush already gave her review: Gutenberg With A Screen Reader: Initial Thoughts And Reactions

    Adjustments Accessibility Coding Standards

    @joedolson is working on a new draft, work in progress.

    New Settings API

    The plugin Settings API enhanced is now an almost complete prototype, but still needs refinements and design. It’s a prototype though, many things could change. We would like feedback from more people before moving on.

    And what else happend


    Next meetings

    Next New Setting API meeting: July 3 ,2017 at 16:00 UTC in the Slack #core channel
    Next WPa11y meeting: July 3, 2017 at 17:00 UTC in the Slack #accessibility channel.

  • Trisha Salas 7:18 pm on May 22, 2017 Permalink
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    This week in WPA11y – May 22, 2017 


    • Tickets for 4.8
    • A11y Tasks tickets
    • Testing Gutenberg (and others?)
    • Tickets for Future Releases
    • WCEU Contributor’s day

    In attendance:
    Andrea Fercia @afercia
    Sami Keijonen @samikeijonen
    Joe Dolson @joedolson
    Trisha Salas @trishasalas
    …and others possibly lurking

    Tickets for 4.8

    • tag cloud widget
    • custom logo alt attribute fallback

    Both of these tickets are very close to commit.

    @flixos90 dropped in during the meeting to say 38768 is done! 🎉

    @afercia is currently fixing the tests for the custom logo alt attribute, thanks to @flixos90

    A11y-task tickets

    @afercia helped to define the a11y-task tickets for us.

    To summarize:

    • A11y-task tickets are more related to a11y “topics”. (infinite scrolling, proximity, placeholders, CSS generated content, etc)
    • A11y-task tickets have an educational purpose 😀
    • A11y-task tickets are something we don’t have the resources to address right now, but something we should talk about with other people, to increase awareness.
    • A11y-task tickets are something to point people to when they ask about big a11y pending issues… hey look, there’s this Trac report you can have a look at.
    • A11y-task tickets are something that should be brought to other teams attention (Design Team, for example)
    • A11y-task tickets can be used as tracking tickets for separate smaller tickets.
    Current A11y-Task Tickets




    Everything needs to be tested, from the most basic text operation to the most complex interactions. For example: navigation in text with the keyboard, select text, select all, etc.

    Installing the plugin is very easy if you already use VVV and are familiar with GitHub

    See instructions for installing the plugin here: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

    The plugin is not complete yet, but feedback should be given as soon as possible.

    As a reminder: today is May 22nd and the Gutenberg deadline for a first 1.0 version is the end of June, as far as I know.

    There are already several issues open on GitHub with the `accessibility` label.

    Discussion about tickets for Future Releases will be put on hold until we are more comfortable with the state of accessibility in Gutenberg.

    WCEU Contributor Day

    The WCEU Committee has requested that each team come up with a list of goals due by June 9th for contributor day.

    @sami.keijonen asked how we should prioritize and organize tasks given that we will have 30-40 people in attendance.

    @joedolson mentioned “Training is frequently the most valuable part of contributor days – just trying to get people better educated about a11y. Getting a patch done is nice, but getting 40 people to know a11y better has more long-term value. I’d suggest segmenting the group according to experience, and have different plans for groups with more or less experience.”

    The plan is to do both workshops and training along with identifying some simple tickets to have ready.

    Homework for the team is

    • Have a list of goals ready for next week (5/29/2017)
    • Identify some ‘good first bug’ accessibility tickets
    • Graham Armfield 3:14 pm on May 23, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’m attending the WCEU contributor day in Paris. Happy to be used wherever you see fit – whether that’s testing or education. Happy to pair up with anyone working on patches if required.

  • Trisha Salas 6:08 pm on May 19, 2017 Permalink
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    The Last 3 Weeks in WPa11y! 

    Accessibility Tickets in 4.8

    These are the current accessibility related tickets slated for the 4.8 release:

    • #35566 removes the title attribute in the tag cloud widget
    • #38768 adds the site title as the alt attribute to the custom logo

    WordPress 4.8 introduces a few new media widgets as well as the ‘Nearby Events’ widget. Testing should continue to be sure that new accessibility issues aren’t introduced.

    Future Releases

    If you would like to have an impact on future WordPress releases join us during our bug scrubs! During bug scrubs we go through the “awaiting review” and “future release” reports.
    Gutenberg Editor

    The Gutenberg Editor is slated for a big reveal at WordCamp Europe.
    Let’s keep testing for accessibility related issues as development continues.

    You can find installation instructions here: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

    Note that it is not a conventional plugin so there are some specific steps to follow.
    Accessibility Tasks

    There are several ongoing tasks with the goal to improve accessibility in the Admin area.

    • Proximity
    • Add widgets screen
    • Menu screen

    Widgets and menu screen

    It’s not a secret that there are many issues in the Add Widgets and Menu screens. What to do? @juliemoynat has suggested some improvements in this ticket: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/40677


    In web design, the principle of proximity states that related items should be placed close together. By the same token, if things are spaced farther apart they appear to have less relation to one another.

    This principle is so powerful, that it overrides similarity of color, shape, and other factors that might differentiate a group of objects.

    Proximity is especially critical for users with low vision. It will even be addressed in the next draft of the WCAG guidelines! https://w3c.github.io/low-vision-a11y-tf/requirements.html

    An initial ticket has been created, feel free to join in! https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/40822

  • Trisha Salas 2:26 pm on April 27, 2017 Permalink
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    Week in WPa11y – April 24, 2017 

    Topics of Discussion

    • Settings API project
    • Gutenberg editor plugin
    • Browser support changes
    • Screen reader text PR
    • Tickets
    • New Widgets to test

    Settings API


    The current approach involves a redesign of the settings pages that is being discussed with some members of the design team.

    The next step is to process the thoughts @helen gave use on the CSS naming conventions. See: https://github.com/wpaccessibility/settings-api-enhanced/issues/6#issuecomment-294011891

    Gutenberg Editor Plugin


    @afercia recommended that we install and test the plugin. Instructions are here: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

    Note that it is not a conventional plugin so there are some specific steps to follow.

    @afercia has submitted a few issues based on the mockups but real (a11y) testing has yet to start.

    Changes in Browser support


    We discussed how the browser support changes would impact the screen reader text PR. @sami.keijonen said we should not use our time so much of finding things to remove at this point. But test new things like settings API and editor and make changes as needed.

    Screen reader text PR


    @ffood submitted a PR to update the screen reader class in the A11y Theme Patterns repo in Github.

    There was some discussion about updating the class in core as well.

    We agreed to merge the PR and also open a new issue in core to modernize the class. The changes in core should take into account end of support for IE 8-9-10


    Two tickets were closed this week.


    There are 2 new widgets to test

    Next meetings in Slack

    • Team meeting on Monday, May 1 at 17:00 UTC in the Slack #accessibility channel.
  • Rian Rietveld 8:03 am on April 4, 2017 Permalink
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    Week in WPa11y, March 29 – April 4 2017 

    New keyword a11y-task

    @afercia created a new tickets keyword a11y-task. These tickets aim to start a discussion and spread awareness about a11y issues that maybe can’t be resolved so soon. It’s also a way of being able to find accessibility tasks that we aren’t actively working on.

    Current work a11y team

    Gutenberg: as soon as the featured plugin is released we will test it.

    Tag Cloud adjustments (tag-cloud): #35566 #40187 #40186 #40184 #40138
    @samikeijonen and @davidakennedy

    Settings API plugin: @flixos90
    Felix released the plugin on GitHub: https://github.com/wpaccessibility/settings-api-enhanced which at the moment does exactly the same as the latest patches on #39441
    We can work on this plugin to iterate to the one-column layout we aim to have for admin forms.
    The advantages of developing in GitHub are:

    • Users can easily test the latest changes without us being required to do extra work.
    • Better diffs (because of individual commits) so that we can easier see what has changed over the last “patch”.
    • Easier collaboration (more people are familiar with git).

    Once we get to a first version of the one-column layout that is ready for testing, we should consider also adding the plugin to the wordpress.org plugin repo and formally announcing it as a feature project. This will allow us to hopefully get more voices on the honestly quite drastic changes and also to ask for user testing.

    Colour contrast in the Admin: @adamsoucie

    Required fields @rianrietveld

    Non-link links: @cheffheid

    Remove title attribute in the Admin: any volunteer

    To be worked on later

    Test requests (keyword a11y-feedback)


    Test the patches for

    • #35497: List tables: Post format links improvements
    • #31476: Semantic elements for non-link links: /wp-admin/includes/widgets.php

    Test the plugin Settings API Enhanced

    Interesting reads this week

    Next meetings in the Slack #accessibility channel

    • Team meetings are on Mondays at 17:00 UTC in the Slack #accessibility channel.
    • Trac ticket discussions (bug scrub) are on Mondays at 16:00 UTC
  • Rian Rietveld 6:35 pm on April 12, 2016 Permalink
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    Team Meeting April 11, 2016 

    Just before the 4.5 release we looked back and ahead on the work we do as a team. The following idea’s where discussed:

    We need more coders (Andrea Fercia is doing way to much on his own), and we have to find a way to find and keep new coders for our team.

    Be less focused on specific tickets, and more focused on tasks. And have somebody responsible for managing a goal, and keeping on top of all tickets pertaining to that goal. That may include asking somebody else to write it or work on it, but that person is keeping on top of that particular goal and whether it’s on track.

    Start a mentor program for new contributors, teach them accessibility and have someone available to answer questions, assign a coder a ‘mentor’ to ping on Slack.

    Find a way to get funding for the team. Almost all the work is done in our free time and this is part of the reason we are short of hands. Brainstorming about funding:

    • Crowd fund, for example Patreon.com
    • WordPress Agencies
    • Universities
    • WordPress Foundation
    • Accessibility organizations

    Joe Dolson is preparing a survey regarding WP and Accessibility, so we can gather data. What AT are people using (they should complete the survey once for each combination they use with WP), their pain points, where they feel WordPress is strong/weak, overall impressions of how WordPress has changed since they started using it including data about when they started using it, what version they’re currently using, if they haven’t updated, etc…

    Tickets cleaup

    To investigate which tikets need work and which goals we need to set for future releases we organize a tickets focussing accessibility review session on Saturday. A bug gardening, ticket cleaning, bug scrub meeting on Saterday April 16 at 13:00 UTC in the accessibility channel in Slack. Everyone is welcome to join us.

    Review the meeting at Slack

  • Rian Rietveld 4:20 pm on February 9, 2016 Permalink
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    Summary Team Chat for Februari 8, 2016 

    Core accessibility coding standards

    After discussion with @jorbin some last changes where made on the Accessibility Coding Standards. @jorbin will bring it up at the next Core meeting to make sure there are no objections there.


    @hearvox finished the Quick Start Guide in our Handbook. @rachievee is working to add other pages to expand on topics from the Quick guide that need longer explanations.
    @trishasalas organizes a one time meeting on Februari the 22nd 17:30 UTC to discuss finalizing (for now) the structure for the handbook. In the meantime Trisha is going to begin writing the Plugin section of the Handbook.

    Accessibility Test Team

    Nimbus Hosting is so generous to sponsor the #wpa11y team with a VPS server. Here we can install a production, nightly and trunk version of WordPress and also have SVN and SSH access.
    We will set the server up next week, then we’re up and running again and resume sending tests to our team.

    Accessibility-ready themes

    Joe started to work on a fork of the theme unit test data, focused on accessibility testing – a smaller set of data, eliminating false positives in the data, etc. He will let us know when it’s usable.

    The post with the requirements for the accessibility-ready tag has been improved. There is now more information on how to test a theme to help theme authors better.


    @afercia: Investigation about color contrast continues.

    #26601: Inappropriate content in headings on admin screens.
    @trishasalas will write an new, refresed patch, keeping the add new link visually on the same place but placing it in the HTML outside the h1 heading

    From Februari 16 on we will have an extra meeting to work on tickets. The group has grown so much last year that we need more time to discuss and work on core tickets then we have now in the regular meeting. This ticket meetings will be every Tuesday on 18:30 UTC.

    And from everybody in the a11y team:
    We wish @accessiblejoe a good and quick recovery!

  • Rian Rietveld 10:23 am on January 19, 2016 Permalink
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    Summary Team Chat for January 18, 2016 


    @trishasalas and @rachievee have been working to organize the docs and create some new drafts in the handbook. Work in progress.


    #34780: Updates screen: Plugin and Theme tables improvements
    We discussed removing the scope from the th and td first and then think of a way to set up the layout, not in a table but in another, more semantic way.

    #34625: wp-login.php site title link points to wordpress.org
    We need to research if themes and plugins would break if the title attribute on the logo is removed. Maybe an option is to have no title output by default for the filter. @arush volunteered to own the ticket.

    #35313: Remove title attributes: Posts, Pages, and CPTs screens
    What to do with icons with a title attribute? For a sighted desktop user, the title attribute is the only indication what the icon means. There are many places where the link is just shown as an icon, and here the totle attribute was useful. We discussed how to solve this: we need to develop a core method to handle tooltips effectively. Andrea will open a ticket for this.

    Color contrast: Some browsers do not support the styling of checkboxes and radio buttons. This means that in some browsers give that borders a poor contrast by default.

    @afercia started to open tickets about the color contrast like #35497: List tables: Post format links improvements
    @rianrietveld will make a list of all the color issues in the Admin, we can use as a reference to open new tickets.

    Accessibility guidelines for core

    @joedolson had some comments on the core a11y guidelines; just a couple, minor changes for clarity. Basically well received by the core team. Joe is waiting for a few more comments from members of the core team that did not have to chance to look at them yet.

  • Trisha Salas 6:47 am on January 8, 2016 Permalink
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    Summary Team Chat for January 4, 2016 


    #33952: get_search_form() accessibility improvements

    The main issue when using `get_search_form()` is redundancy.  A lot of  “search, search for… search… search button”

    Given that `get_search_form()` is used in both the admin & the front end as well as by themes it was determined that we will look at a uniform search for the 4.6 release.  In the meantime, we will remove the `title` attribute for a quick ‘win’.

    #35187: Remove title attributes: the terms List Table

    The current structure is semantically inaccurate but fixing it will require some design input to rework the list table layout. We have decided to stick with the original plan to remove the title attributes and find solutions for other issues at a later time.

    Accessibility standards for core

    @joedolson posted an updated link to the Accessibility Standards for Core document from last week. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iySvDJ4duHYt6YlnnjnBNbU5LKAn1uRBMH8FKAfmswE/edit He has asked anyone who is interested to review and make comments.  He will eventually communicate with the core team to get this information into the Core Handbook.


    During the next week I will begin adding sub categories to the sections in this spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tOYzFn9vc7Ff4yGBmDajelrl7XMDUz4PR5H2lB4exI4/edit.

    The hope is to get more of a structure in place to make it easier to contribute.  So that, rather than needing to figure out where content will go you can pick a subcategory page and focus on the content for that page.
    We also discussed consistency as well as what the need to be sure that any of the content we link to from the handbook is vetted by the Accessibility Team as a whole.

    Next meeting

    Next meeting will be in January 11, 2016 at 18:00 UTC

  • Rian Rietveld 3:09 pm on December 28, 2015 Permalink
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    Summary team chat, December 21, 2015 

    Accessibility standards for core

    There where several comments on the post with the accessibility code standards for core.
    @joedolson will add the relevant remarks. These standards will be added to the WordPress Coding Standards of the core Handbook.


    @trishasalas made a Google Doc with an overview of all the documentation that needs to be written for our handbook. More details about how to help her and contribute to the documentation in the blogpost Accessibility Handbook and Docs Update.


    #34957 #a11y-focus: Standardizing the handling of :focus and :hover
    Moving forward, we’ve established that :focus is the primary transition for when a user interacts with a link or button. :hover is an extension of :focus that comes from a direct action, whereas :focus comes from an indirect action. Because :focus lacks a direct action, it needs to be styled in a way that brings clear visual attention to the element. Michael Arestad (@michaelarestad) is working on the visual update and we’ll move forward with implementing it once we have that complete.

    #26601: Inappropriate content in headings on admin screens
    Consensus is: ‘Add New Button’ === burn it with fire (agreed on by @michaelarestad)
    @trishasalas will write a refreshed patch for this.

    Next meeting

    Next meeting will be in January 4, 2016 at 18:00 UTC

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