Accessibility Quick Start Guide in draft: needs vetting

The WordPress Accessibility Handbook now has a draft of a Quick Start Guide. The doc needs edits, comments, and vetting.

We intend this as a resource for developers to quickly grab WordPress-oriented code examples and a11y guidelines. Let’s make sure everything is accurate and clearly explained, and that nothing a11y-critical for WP dev is missing. (This process might also help us identify which topics need further explanations in other Handbook sections.)

Please review the draft and leave your comments on this post.

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WP a11y docs list

Here’s a collection of all the A11y resources I’ve found at sites (and two Google docs in use for drafting Handbook pages):

Make WordPress Accessible blog

Make WordPress Accessible> Accessibility Handbook

(Draft: outline for A11y Handbook) Accessibility Contributor Handbook

Make WordPress Accessible> Useful Tools

Useful Tools

WordPress Accessibility> Theme Patterns

Docs Handbook> Handbooks Style and Formatting Guide> Accessibility

Handbooks Style and Formatting Guide

Codex> Accessibility

Theme Handbook> Accessibility


Theme Review Handbook> Accessibility


Theme Review Handbook> Accessibility> #resources


Theme Review Handbook> Accessibility> Resources


Theme Directory> accessibility-ready tag

Plugin Directory> WP Accessibility

WP Accessibility

Plugin Directory> Access Monitor

Access Monitor

(Draft: guidelines for Plugins) WordPress A11y Code Standards

Accessibility code standards for WordPress core (similar to above)

Accessibility code standards for WordPress core

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Accessibility for Theme Developers: First Draft Complete

I think I’ve finally finished! *gasp* Thank you to everyone who provided earlier feedback and jogged my memory.

Is there anything on the completed page I need to re-word or explain in more detail?

As previously, please post all feedback here rather than on the draft page itself.

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