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Development Tools Development Tools

Building a new theme or plugin? Perhaps some of these tools can help you to create a more accessible resource.

Paul J. Adam reviewed: Accessibility Testing Tools for Desktop and Mobile Websites

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Toolbars & ToolKits Toolbars & ToolKits

  • aXe accessibility testing tool — available as browser extension and npm module (axe-core)
  • — automated testing, can be integrated into WordPress with the plugin Access Monitor
  • WAVE — run the WAVE accessibility evaluation tool within Firefox and Chrome.
  • Accessibility inspector in the FireFox developer tools
  • Firefox Accessibility Extension — check the use of structural markup in a page.
  • Tota11y — An accessibility visualization toolkit that can be dragged into your bookmarks bar or installed from Github. Will show errors covering multiple topics from headings, to contrast and form labels.
  • Chrome DevTools Audits panel — integrated a slimmed version of aXe core.
  • Total Validator — an (X)HTML validator, an accessibility validator, a spell checker, and a broken links checker all rolled into one tool. Free & commercial versions available.

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Screen reader testing Screen reader testing

On the website of WebAIM there are some excellent articles on how to test with and for a screen reader:

Also a good read by Marco Zehe:  How to use NVDA and Firefox to test your web pages for accessibility

Note: Test VoiceOver with Safari, NVDA with FireFox and JAWS with Internet Explorer or Edge.
We don’t include ChromeVox in our tests as it doesn’t perform well enough as a screen reader.

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Other Browser Tools Other Browser Tools