Useful plugins

We do not specifically endorse any of the plugins listed here but offer them as tools for you to test and use in your own accessible WordPress site.

Accessible WordPress Themes Accessible WordPress Themes

Browse the accessibility-ready themes in the WordPress theme repository to pick themes.

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Development Tools Development Tools

Building a new theme or plugin? Perhaps some of these tools can help you to create a more accessible resource.

Color Issues

  • Color Contrast Analyser (Windows) — check foreground/background contrast levels and preview designs as they might be seen by color blind users.
  • Sim Daltonism — a color blindness simulator for Mac OS X.
  • SEE — lets you view the web as a user with a visual impairment might (Chrome extension)
  • Colorblind Web Page Filter — apply a filter to a web page.
  • Vischeck — see how pages & images look to color blind users.
  • ContrastA (Flash) — find accessible color combinations.
  • Color Palette Accessibility Evaluator — analyze color combinations for conformance to accessibility guidelines.
  • Colour Contrast Check – online tool, specify a foreground and a background colour and the brightness, color difference and contrast ratio are calculated.

Toolbars Toolbars

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Build Tools Build Tools

  • – Tenon is an accessibility API, and provides a wide variety of build and testing tools
  • Access Monitor – runs accessibility tests of your WordPress site, either on the front-end or in the administration. It runs an automated scan of your site using the web accessibility service.

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Desktop Validators Desktop Validators

  • Total Validator — an (X)HTML validator, an accessibility validator, a spell checker, and a broken links checker all rolled into one tool. Free & commercial versions available.