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Gutenberg: GitHub issues with a focus on accessibility Gutenberg: GitHub issues with a focus on accessibility

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Accessibility tasks Accessibility tasks

Tickets that are ongoing tasks because there’s the need to find instances, touch several parts of the codebase, etc. They need to be split in one ticket for each instance. Any help welcome!

Review the usage of the change event on select elements

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Accessibility keywords Accessibility keywords

Accessibility tickets grouped by topics. We use custom keywords to keep track of some main accessibility issues. To give some background about the progress so far, these reports show all the tickets, even the closed ones. Append &status=!closed to the URL to filter out the closed tickets.

Long-term tasks: General, broad, issues that would require some big refactoring and probably can’t be solved soon. Opened to start the discussion and research:

Color contrast:

Best practices for required fields in forms:

Use buttons for buttons, links for links:

Review usage of target=”_blank”:

Standardize the types of search in the core admin:

Use aria-current where appropriate:

WCAG 2.1 target size:

Tag cloud improvements:

Settings API improvements:

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If you find an accessibility issue in WordPress core, or in one of the core themes, please create a new ticket and give it the focus “accessibility”.